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小店收集古董婚紗已有好幾年, 從第一件到現在店內的近二百件婚紗, 可以說每件都得來不易!!

每件都要質量評估, 親身去入貨, 回來清潔修補的處理, 到現在這些濕熱天氣更要小心保養... 這樣古董婚紗才能在我手上延續落去!! 

真的每件古董婚紗都是獨一無二, 每間古董婚紗店的款式都可說是很獨特的, 想選the one 的新娘子, 到店內試到合心意的就是它了, 這是妳跟它的緣份, 就像妳和他一樣 ;)

For all bridals who are looking for something vintage, different and unique. 
We specialize in providing a wide range of genuine vintage wedding dresses mainly from 1950s to 1990s. We also stock a range of vintage glomorous and inspired wedding dresses, evening dress, veil and accessories. 

In 2015, we start a production line in Tailor-made wedding gown for all bride-to-be, we hope to provide the dream wedding gown to bridal at that big day.

For Oversea wedding gown shop, we do oversea trading and wholesales, we start our own production line to provide high quality with reasonable price wedding gown, pls. feel free to contact us for more details, we provide worldwide shipment.


Our service included:

- wedding gown, groom wear rental and tailor made (婚紗男禮租借)

- make up and gown trial together (試妝+試婚紗服務)

- pre wedding package (婚紗攝影)

- wedding day registration make up and gown rental service. (註冊一站式套餐)


Studio at Shatin, Hong Kong; by appointment only. 
大量古典懷舊復古Lace婚紗及晚裝 歡迎預約試身!